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【Published:】2013-05-29 14:57:50
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Product Notes


Brief Description

This Audio Baby Monitor is featured with DECT technology. Unlike with traditional analogue systems, this Digital baby monitor set can dynamically and automatically select best frequency for audio transmission. This means you can hear good quality audio without interference including WiFi.

It is featured with 5 Music Lullabies and High/Low Temperature Alert. It also has Automatic warning alerts when the parent unit is out of range of baby unit. The temperature setting is selectable between °C and °F.

Both the monitor (baby unit) and receiver (parent unit) can be operated by battery and AC power. The receiver has built-in rechargeable battery for opertion. Both the monitor and receiver have LEDs with night vision function so that you can monitor your baby in any time even in complete darkness. Moreover, it has 2 way intercom with Built-in microphone and speaker in both Camera and Receiver for audio monitoring.

Main features

Baby unit

Night light on/off/Auto function

5 lullabies

Temperature indication function

5 levels Volume adjustment

2 way communication

low battery indication function


Page function.

Parent unit

5 levels Volume adjustment5 lullabies 

2 way communication 

Temperature indication function 

Temperature range setting for Alert 

Charge indication function Range:300meters


Temperature indication function

Rechargeable fuction


Production detail

Package contents

 2pcs  5V DC Adapter

1pcs  baby unit

1pcs parent  unit

1pcs instruction manual

1pcs paper Box





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