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Comfortable cribs, two or more free shipping! Three Lok SL-1802

Author:管理员 Published:2013-05-27 22:34:34 Read: 6 Order
Pro purchase, please specify your desired color, each batch of products may differ from the pattern on the cloth, but the main color is the same, (this very mind or bought to give as gifts
Friend, carefully consider before making a decision!)
This size is for reference only, the actual size of the main

[Size]: OD: (double bed: 104 * 66 * 95CM, mattress height from the ground as 34CM, adjustable bed mattress can also be less 5CM. Small bed: 78 * 52 * 39CM,
Small mattress height from the ground 13CM, diameter clearance sidebar 13.5cm)
Diameter: (double bed: 100 * 60 * guardrail height 37 (cm) can be added 45CM. Little Cradle: 73 * 45 * guardrail height 26), King sidebar gap is 12CM
Product Description

1, for ages 0-6 years old

2, can be extended 140CM above, with the baby grow up happy.

3, can lift, low beds do Playpen.

4, the size of the bed with casters, can be implemented, car car, easy to mothers over the bed.

5, a small bed with cradle function, parallel swing.

6, another account to send a small cap and large nets a (large nets palace, luxury beautiful), with account yu.

7, a small shaker is also equipped with mosquito nets, so that your baby from mosquito bites